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About Mice Masters

What Should I Expect?

Our friendly pest control service technician will arrive in a familiar local Mice Masters vehicle to discuss any pest activity you have been seeing. The technician will thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your home for evidence of your particular pests and identify other areas where they see the potential for future pest issues. We examine everything, protecting your home.

Once the pest has been identified, the technician will discuss a customized treatment plan for you and your home. Our technicians can start work immediately, and will provide you with the highest quality customer care in the industry.

Mice, Rats & Vole Extermination: Done Right The First Time!

Pest Control Services We Offer:


Our Rat Treatment will not only exterminate activity within your home but also includes a complimentary exclusion service to seal off any entry/exit points around the exterior of your home. 


Mice are one of the most common pests in Colorado. They are a year-round pest in Colorado and can cause significant damage to your property. 


Voles, otherwise known as Field Mice, are quite prevalent in Colorado. Voles are well-known for causing damage to yards by destroying grass, turf, plants, shrubbery and more. 

Why Choose Us

Your Home Is Our Home: We Will Protect It!

Pest Free Guaranteed

With our Pest Free Guarantee, if unwanted pest intruders return, so do we, at no additional cost to you. Complete satisfaction!

Affordable Pricing

With multiple service options to choose from, we’re certain to have a pest solution that meets your needs and budget.

Eco-Friendly Methods

From our eco-friendly solutions to our family friendly attitude, we take pride in making your home a better place to live.

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